O marks the centre of each circle.

1. Name:

(a) A diameter
(b) An arc
(c) A chord
(d) A tangent
(e) A radius




(a) Shade a sector.

(b) Shade a segment.

(c) Name all four concyclic points.

(d) Draw a circle concentric with the circle ABCD.



(a) Name an angle equal to PQS.

(b) Complete: Length PQ = ..................

(c) Name two perpendicular lines.

(d) Name a triangle congruent to





m is an axis of symmetry.

TA and TB are tangents to the circle.

Calculate the values of a, b, c and d.


5. Find the values of the variables.











a. Find the values of q, r, s, t, u and v.

b. Name a triangle congruent to OWY.

c. Name two isosceles triangles.