(a) Enlarge the triangle ABC by a scale factor of 2, centre of enlargement O, so that A  D, B E, C F.

Label the image, DEF

(b) (i) Name the side parallel to AB.

(ii) Complete DFE = .............

(iii) If area of ABC = 8 units2, what is the area of DEF?

(iv) If length of AC = 5 units, what is the length of DF?

(v) True or false? ABC is congruent to DEF.


2. (a) Enlarge the rectangle DEFG by a scale factor of 3, centre O.


(b) What is the area of DEFG?

(c) What is the area of its image?

(Each square is one unit.)



3. Show the XYZ under an enlargement E, centre O, scale factor -2.

4. OAB and ODC are similar.

Find the size of x and y.

5. (a) Find the missing angles in the two triangles.

(b) Are the triangles similar?

6. Find the value of x, if BD is parallel to AE.

7. Find the centre of enlargement that maps ABC onto FDE.