Frequency Distributions


the frequency is the number of times each score, event or measurement occurs.

frequency distribution is shown in a table in which information or data is arranged in order.

from the frequency distribution, the average and range can be found, and the data can be shown on graphs such as histograms, frequency curves and cumulative frequency graphs.

Key Skills

  • find the mean, median or mode of a set of data
  • draw any of the above types of graphs from a table.
  • read values from the above graphs.
  • draw a stem and leaf diagram from data
  • calculate range and quartiles from data
  • draw a box and whisker diagram from data


frequency, discrete, continuous, ungrouped data, grouped data, averagemedianmodemean, histogram, frequency curve, stem and leaf diagramcumulative frequencyspreadrange, quartile, box and whisker diagram.