1. Find:


(a) 6% of 350

(c) 1% of 80

(e) 12% of 400

(b) 80% of 200

(d) 25% of 4500

(f) 150% of 300


2. Express as a percentage (to one decimal place where applicable):


(a) 12 out of 20

(c) 9 out of 15

(e) 70 out of 80

(b) 55 out of 110

(d) 8 out of 12

(f) 11 out of 12



(a) Increase 83 by10%

(c) Decrease 120 by 20%

(e) Increase 100 by 100%

(b) Increase 500 by 55%

(d) Decrease 62 by 3%

(f) Decrease 50 by 50%



4. A car dealer buys a car for $24,000 and sells it for $30,000.


(a) Her profit.

(b) Her percentage profit.


5. A stamp dealer buys a set of stamps for $50 and sells it for $150. Find:

(a) His profit.

(b) His percentage profit.


6. A man sells a washing machine for $240 at a loss of 20%.

(a) What did he pay for it?

(b) The washing machine depreciates at 20% per year.

What will it be worth one year after he sold it?


7. A shop takes 30% off all its goods during its winter sale. Find:

(a) The price in the sale of a bed normally sold for $500.

(b) The normal price of a carpet being offered at a sale price of $200.


8. A bank offers 12% interest per annum. A girl invests $5,000 at the beginning of the year.

(a) How much interest will she receive at the end of the year?

(b) How much money in total will she have now?

9. A salesperson receives a commission of 8% on the value of the computers she sells. In a year she sells computers worth $300,000. How much does she receive in commission?


10. In 1991 a house cost $135,000. Inflation for housing has been 15% since then. Using this figure, what is the house worth now?