Unit Test #36

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Change 150° to radians. A. 
B. 5π/6
C. 7π/8
D. π
Answer 1:




Change an angle of  to degrees. A. 112.5°
B. 150°
C. 200°
D. 135°
Answer 2:




Which is the closest to an angle of 1 radian? A. 90°
B. 57°
C. 100°
D. 60°
Answer 3:




How many radians is a full turn or revolution? A. 2
B. 360
C. 2π
D. π
Answer 4:




What is the length of an arc of a circle of radius 6 cm which makes an angle of 180°at the centre? A. π radians
B. 2π radians
C. 3 π radians
D. 6 π radians
Answer 5:




What is the size of the reflex angle POQ in radians?

A. π/ 2
B. 3π/ 4
C. 5π/ 4
D. 7π/ 4
Answer 6:




What is the length of the minor arc PQ? A. 4π
B. 9π/ 2
C. 5π/ 4
D. 7π/ 2
Answer 7:




What is the area of the major sector POQ? A. 70.7 cm2
B. 141.4 cm2
C. 35.3 cm2
D. 106 cm2
Answer 8:





What is the angle in radians subtended by arc AB equal to?

A. π/6
B. π/3
C. 3π/4
D. 5π/6
Answer 9:


What is the area of the sector shown in question 9? A. 5.4 mm2
B. 10.7 mm2
C. 16.1 mm2
D. 32.2 mm2
Answer 10: