Unit Test #32

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What is the gradient of a curve at a stationary point? A. 0
B. 1
C. 0.5
D. undefined

Answer 1:






What type of gradient does a decreasing function have?


A. stationary
B. positive
C. negative
D. minimum

Answer 2:





Which type of function often has two stationary points? A. cubic
B. quadratic
C. hyperbolic
D. linear

Answer 3:





In the graph above, which best describes the function at the point (0, 4)?


A. stationary
B. increasing
C. decreasing
D. minimum

Answer 4:





In the graph above, which x-values are closest to a maximum point?

A. x = 0
B. x = 1.5
C. x = -1
D. x = 3

Answer 5:






 Which is the odd one out?

A. turning point
B. stationary point
C. maximum point
D. invariant point

Answer 6:






Find the x coordinate of the stationary point of the curve given by the equation y = 4 - x2.

A. 0
B. 1
C .2
D. 4

Answer 7:





What is the nature of the stationary point in question 7?

(What type of stationary point is it?)

A. maximum
B. minimum
C. point of inflection
D. zero

Answer 8:





Which mathematical process is of most use when finding the coordinates of the turning points of a function? A. integration
B. differentiation
C. reflection 
D. division

Answer 9:





Which is true for the range of values over which the function

y = x2 is increasing?

A. x < 0
B. x > 0
C. x ≥ 0
D. x ≤ 0

Answer 10: