Unit Test #48

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What type of graph is a time series graph also known as? A. Bar graph
B. Pie chart
C. Line graph
D. Column graph

Answer 1:





On which axis is TIME usually given on a time series graph? A. Vertical
B. Horizontal

Answer 2:





What is the apparent long term trend for the minimum (midnight each day) temperatures on the time series below.

A. Increasing 
B. Decreasing
C. Unchanging

Answer 3:





In the graph above, what was the temperature at 0600 on Tuesday? A. 18°
B. 20°
C. 21°
D. 22°

Answer 4:





In the graph above, when was the temperature at its lowest? A. Mon. 0000
B. Tues. 0000
C. Wed. 0000
D. Thurs. 0000

Answer 5:





In the graph above, what would be a good prediction for the temperature on Thursday at 0000? A. 18°
B. 20°
C. 21°
D. 22°

Answer 6:





Use the graph below to find the week when Wellington scored the least number of tries.


A.Week 2
B. Week 9
C. Week 6
D. Week 5

Answer 7:





Which week does the time series graph above have aspike? A. Week 1
B. Week 6
C. Week 7
D. Week 9

Answer 8:





On how many weeks did Wellington score exactly 4 tries? A. 2 weeks
B. 3 weeks
C. 4 weeks
D. 5 weeks

Answer 9:





How many tries did Wellington score for the whole season (10 weeks)? A. 30
B. 33
C. 34
D. 36

Answer 10: