Unit Test #46

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The five questions below apply to the diagram in question 1.



The diagram shows a regular heptagon (7 sided polygon) inside a circle.

What is the size of each angle (x) made at the centre, O (to 1 d.p.)?

A. 51.4°

B. 25.7°

C. 64.3°

D. 38.6°

Answer 1:




Which trigonometric rule would be best to use to find the length ED?

A. double angle formula

B. area formula

C. cosine rule

D. none of the above

Answer 2:




What is the area of triangle OED?

A. 32 units2

B. 50 units2

C. 225 units2

D. 25 units2

Answer 3:




Find the length of ED ( to 3 sig. figs.).

A. 48.1 cm

B. 6.94 cm

C. 48.2 cm

D. 6.93 cm

Answer 4:




What is the perimeter of the heptagon ( to 3 sig. figs.)?

A. 48.6 cm

B. 337 cm

C. 56 cm

D. 201 cm

Answer 5: