Unit Test #75

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A population has a mean of 85 kg and a standard deviation of 9 kg.

If samples of size 36 are taken, what is the expected value of the sample means?

A. 9 kg
B. 81 kg
C. 85 kg
D. 9.2 kg

Answer 1:





From the population in question 1, what is the standard error of the distribution of sample means? A. 1.5 kg
B. 0.25 kg
C. 9 kg
D. 3 kg

Answer 2:





If 1000 samples of size 36 were taken from the above population, what shape would the frequency curve of the distribution of sample means be? A. triangular
B. rectangular
C. bimodal
D. normal

Answer 3:





The mean number of rooms in each house of a city is 8 with a standard deviation of 2.5.

A statistician doing a survey wants to take samples so that the standard deviation of the sample means is 0.08. What should the sample size be?

A. 977
B. 31
C. 640
D. 20

Answer 4:





In question 4, what would be the expected value of the distribution of sample means? A. 64
B. 8
C. 6.25
D. 16

Answer 5: