In the following questions g = 10 m/s2

1. A projectile has an initial velocity of 125 m/s.

a. If α = 15o find the range and greatest height.

b. If α = 15o find the horizontal distance travelled after 2.5 seconds.

c. Find the maximum range that can be reached with this initial velocity.

d. Find the time of flight for this maximum range.

2. The range of a projectile is 1500 metres with an initial velocity of 150 m/s.

a. Find two possible angles of projection.

b. Find the two corresponding greatest heights.

3. A stone is thrown to clear a wall that is 4 metres high and 10 metres from the point of projection. If the angle of projection is 50o calculate the initial velocity of the stone and the distance beyond the wall it strikes the ground.

Assume that the stone is projected from ground level.

Hint: Use the equation of the path of the projectile. Note that the point (10,4) lies on the path.