Unit Test #7

Select your answers to the following 5 questions from the pop-up menus in the right hand column. Clicking the "Begin Test Again" button will clear all the answers.





Differentiate     3tan 2x A. -6sec2x
B. 6sec2 2x
C. 3tan2 2x
D. 6 tan2 2x

Answer 1:





Differentiate sin2x A. 2sin x
B. 2sin x cos x
C. 4sin x cos x
D. 2sin x cos2 x

Answer 2:





Differentiate -3cos 5x A. 15sin 5x
B. -15sin 5x
C. -5sin 5x
D. -3sin 5x

Answer 3:





Differentiate 2sec 2x A. 2sec 2x tan 2x
B. -4sec 2x tan 2x
C. -2sec x tan x
D. 4sec 2x tan 2x

Answer 4:





Differentiate cot(2x2 + 3) A. -2x cosec2(2x+ 3)
B. -4x cosec2(2x+ 3)
C. 4x cosec2(2x+ 3)
D. -4x cosec(2x+ 3)

Answer 5: