1. How many millilitres are there in the following?


a. 1 litre

b. 5 L

c. 0.5 L d. 3.2 L


2. How many litres are there in the following?


a. 1500 mL

b. 500 mL

c. 20 000 mL d. 200 mL

3. Match up the pictures below with the most sensible measurements:





(i) 355 mL

(ii) 0.75 m3

(iii) 50 cm3

(iv) 8 000 L






4. a. How many 150 mL cups of coffee could be made from a water jug containing 2 litres of water?

b. A petrol tank has a volume of 0.1 m3. How many litres of petrol could it hold?

c. How many litres of liquid would a rectangular tank of dimensions 20 cm by 30 cm by 40 cm hold?

d. A swimming pool is 25 metres long, 2 metres deep and 8 metres wide. It is to be filled to the top with water.
If the water is pumped into the pool at a rate of 4000 litres per minute, how long will it take for the pool to fill?


5. Change the following units to the equivalent ones in brackets:

a. 4 L (mL) b. 27 cm3 (mL) c. 345 mL (L) d. 2 m3 (cm3)
e. 4500 mL (L) f. 0.3 L (mL) g. 4.5 m3 (L) h. 350 cm3 (L)