Unit Test #44

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Q1: Which type of graph is also called a bar graph? A. Histogram
B. Column graph
C. Line Graph
D. Pie Chart
Answer 1:



Use the graph below to find the week when Wellington United scored the most goals.

A.Week 2
B. Week 3
C. Week 7
D. Week 10
Answer 2:


Q3: Use the graph above to find the week when Wellington scored 5 goals. A. Week 1
B. Week 5
C. Week 7
D. Week 9
Answer 3:



What type of graph is this?
A. Pie graph
B. Pictograph
C. Bar graph
D. Histogram
Answer 4:


Q5: In the graph in question 1, the angle at the centre of the "Pears" sector should be: A. 36°
B. 18°
C. 45°
D. 10°
Answer 5:


Q6: If 200 people were asked their favourite fruit and the results shown in the pie graph in question 1, how many prefer apples? A 80
B. 60 
C. 30
D. 90
Answer 6:


Q7: In statistics, the number of times a value occurs is called its: A. Frequency 
B. Occurrence
C. Happening
D. Median
Answer 7:


Q8: The heights of 100 people are measured to the nearest centimetre.
What type of data is this?
A. discrete 
B. continuous
Answer 8:


Q9: In a histogram, which axis is usually used for thefrequency? A Vertical
B. Horizontal 
Answer 9:


Q10: In a pictograph each picture represents 5 items. 
How many items would 5 pictures represent?
A. 10 items
B. 20 items
C. 25 items
D. 1 items
Answer 10: