1. When you do division of fractions, which ones do you turn upside down ?

All except the first one.

2. What is a rational number?

A rational number is any number that can be written as a fraction. e.g. in the form Y8_Fractions_FAQ_1.gif .

3. Is 6 a rational number?

Yes, because it can be written in the form Y8_Fractions_FAQ_2.gif

4. Can you cancel two numbers both on the top lines of fractions?

No, cancelling HAS to be between a number the top line and any number on the bottom line. (This can be done diagonally.)

5. When adding fractions, is it best to change mixed numbers to improper fractions?

Yes, unless the calculation is VERY easy, mixed numbers should be changed to improper fractions for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.