Unit Test #16

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Which units would you use to measure the length of a car? A. millimetres
B. centimetres
C. metres
D. kilometres

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How many grams in 3 kilograms ? A. 3 000 000 g
B. 3 000 g
C. 300 g
D. 0.3 g

Answer 2:





Who developed the metric system? A. the English?
B. the Americans?
C. the French?
D. the Australians?

Answer 3:





Which units would be best used to measure the distance around the world?


A. kilograms
B. tonnes
C. millilitres
D. kilometres

Answer 4:





What is the total length of 20 pieces of wood if each piece is 7 cm long? A. 0.14 metres
B. 1.4 metres
C. 14 metres
D. 140 metres

Answer 5:





How many centimetres in 35.4 m? A. 3.54 cm
B. 354 cm
C. 3540 cm
D. 35, 400 cm

Answer 6:





What is 2300 mm in metres? A. 0.23 m
B. 2.3 m
C. 23 m
D. 23 000 m

Answer 7:





Which units would be used to weigh people? A. grams
B. tonnes
C. litres
D. kilograms

Answer 8:





How many times bigger is 3 kilograms than 3 milligrams?

A. 10
B. 100
C. 1000
D. 1 000 000

Answer 9:





What would the metric units of kilograms be used to measure? A. mass
B. capacity
C. velocity
D. length

Answer 10: