1. Which of the following letters have:

a. A vertical axis of symmetry

b. A horizontal axis of symmetry?

M A T  H S

2. Which of the letters above have rotational symmetry of order 2?

3.Copy each of the diagrams below and mark any axes of symmetry

4. (a) Sketch a diagram of each of the following shapes:

(i) An equilateral triangle

(ii) Regular octagon

(iii) Rectangle

(b) On the diagrams, sketch in any mirror lines.

(c) What is the order of rotational symmetry of each shape?

5. Draw a shape with exactly:

(a) One axis of symmetry

(b) Two axes of symmetry

(c) Three axes of symmetry

(d) Four axes of symmetry




6. True or false?

(a) Equilateral triangles are have 6 axes of symmetry

(b) Rectangles have an order of rotational symmetry of 4

(c) A square has a total order of 8