Unit Test #18

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Congruent angles: A. are equal
B. are supplementary
C. are complementary
D. are obtuse

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The size of the angle marked x is:

A. 82°
B. 170°
C. 48°
D. 92°

Answer 2:





Two angles which add up to 90°are called: A. congruent angles
B. supplementary angles
C. complementary angles
D. acute angles

Answer 3:





The value of a is:
A. 55°
B. 35°
C. 70°
D. 80°

Answer 4:





Which of the following is a reflex angle? A. 45°
B. 90°
C. 135°
D. 225°

Answer 5:





The value of b equals:
A. 11°
B. 79°
C. 101°
D. 259°

Answer 6:





An angle of 139° is called a: A. acute angle
B. reflex angle
C. obtuse angle
D. right angle

Answer 7:





y is equal to:
A. 55°
B. 60°
C. 70°
D. 110°

Answer 8:





Vertically opposite angles are: A. adjacent
B. supplementary
C. obtuse
D. equal

Answer 9:





The value of h is:
A. 96°
B. 133°
C. 37°
D. 43°

Answer 10: