Unit Test #17

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Use π = 3.1 for all of the questions below



Which of the following would often be in the shape of a sphere? A. soccer ball 
B. globe
C. balloon
D. all of the above

Answer 1:





A sphere has a radius of 10 cm, what is its volume? A. 1240 cm3
B. 12400 cm3
C. 4133 cm3
D. 3100 cm3

Answer 2:





What is the surface area of the following sphere?

A. 27.9 cm2
B. 111.6 cm2
C. 334.8 cm2
D. 37.2 cm2

Answer 3:





A giant spherical hot air balloon has a diameter of 21.3 metres. What is its radius? A. 42.6 m
B. 10.65 m
C. 4.62 cm
D. 5.325 m

Answer 4:





What would be the volume of the hot air balloon in question 4? A. 1406 m3
B. 4993 m3
C. 14979 m3
D. 3745 m3

Answer 5:





Assuming the Earth is a sphere, with a diameter of 12,700 kilometres, find its approximate volume.
A. 2.5 × 1013 km3
B. 2.0 × 109 km3
C. 1.1 × 1012 km3
D. 6.7 × 108 km3

Answer 6:






What would be the circumference of a sphere with a radius of 32 mm?

A. 99.2 mm
B. 198.4 mm
C. 3174.4 mm
D. 396.8 mm

Answer 7:





A sphere has a diameter of 1 m, what is its volume?

A. 0.52 m3
B. 1.55 m3
C. 4.65 m3
D. 3.1 m3

Answer 8:





What is the surface area of the sphere in question 8? A. 1.12m2
B. 0.56 m2
C. 6.2 m2
D. 3.1 m2

Answer 9:





A sphere has a volume of 800 cm3.

What is its radius?

A. 5.8 cm
B. 64.5 cm
C. 4.0 cm
D. 9.3 cm

Answer 10: