The new app and more to come

Our first App, BestMaths IGCSE Tester is now available at the App Store. Download it for FREE and then upgrade to 150 questions for just NZ$2.59. The App is proving popular with over 250 downloads. Great for any student doing Year 10/11 mathematics. Useful throughout the year.

We are now working on our first game. This will be serious fun. Serious mathematics and fun to play. Should hit the App store in January. Available on the iPhone.

Also in January our first Text book. An iBook for Year 10/11 with a special focus on IGCSE. The first book in the series is on Basic Number Theory and is the first of 10.

Ro Bairstow, has been a teacher of high school mathematics for over 30 years and has taught the Year 11 (14-16 year olds) IGCSE mathematics course at King’s College in New Zealand for the past 10 years. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey in England and a Diploma in Mathematics Education from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He has written mathematics textbooks, computer programs and managed and designed websites, wikis and blogs for most levels of secondary school mathematics. Throughout his career, Ro has delivered presentations at conferences around the world on the use of computers and information and communications technologies in mathematics education.

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