Unit Test #23

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The number of invariant points under a translation is almost always : A. 1
B. 0
C. infinite
D. 2

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If the point (2, 3) is translated by 
the image point is
A. (5, -2)
B. (0, -1)
C. (4, -1)
D. (4, 7)

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Under a translation the object and the image are A. indirect
B. opposite
C. congruent
D. corresponding

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Under a translation of the image of the origin would be A. (1, 1)
B. (0, 0)
C. (-1, 1)
D. (-1, -1)

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Translation is an isometry.
Which of the following is not an isometry?
A. Rotation
B. Reflection
C. Enlargement
D. Half-turn

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A square of side 2 units has its centre at the point (0, 0). If it is 
translated by, which of the following points would be one 
of its corners?
A. (4, 1)
B. (3, 2)
C. (1, 2)
D. (2, 2)

Answer 6:





Under a translation, a line and its image are: A. perpendicular
B. parallel
C. concurrent
D. collinear

Answer 7:





The name of the transformation that 
maps ORST to OR'S'T' is
A. enlargement
B. reflection
C. translation
D. rotation

Answer 8:





In the translation represented by the vector the "3" represents A. vertical movement
B. horizontal movement
C. diagonal movement
D. total movement

Answer 9:





A point B is translated . The distance between B 
and its image B' is
A. 3 units
B. 7 units
C. 4 units
D. 5 units

Answer 10: