Unit Test #21

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What is the area of a rectangle 100 m by 50 m in square metres? A. 500m2 
B. 200 m2
C. 1000 m2
D. 5000 m2

Answer 1:





A rectangle has a length of 12 cm, a width of 5 cm and a diagonal of length 13 cm.

What is its area?

A. 60 cm2
B. 65 cm2
C. 156 cm2
D. 34 cm

Answer 2:





What is the area of the rectangle below?

A. 16.64 cm2
B. 13.12 cm2
C. 21.32 cm2
D. 14.6 cm2

Answer 3:





What is the perimeter of the rectangle shown above?

A. 16.64 cm
B. 21.32 cm
C. 13.12 cm
D. 14.6 cm

Answer 4:





Which unit would be most suitable for measuring the area of a tennis court? A. m2
B. ha
C. cm2
D. km2

Answer 5:





The perimeter of a square is 24 cm.

What is its area?

A. 144 cm2
B. 36 cm2
C. 81 cm2
D. 576 cm

Answer 6:





How many cmin 1 m2 A. 10 000
B. 1000
C. 100
D. 100 000

Answer 7:





On a map a square of side 2 cm represents an area of 16 km2, what area is represented by a square of side 4 cm? A. 32 km2
B. 64 km2
C. 96 km2
D. 128 km2

Answer 8:





The length of a side of a square is doubled.

How many times greater will the area of the square now be?

A. 2
B. 16
C. 8
D. 4

Answer 9:





A right-angled triangle has a base of 6 cm and a height of 5 cm. What is its area?

A. 15 cm2
B. 60 cm2
C. 30 cm2
D. 11 cm2

Answer 10: