1. Does it matter if the numbers in an ordered pair are the other way round?

Yes, the order of the numbers in the brackets is VERY important.

For example the point (4, 6) is in a completely different place to the point (6, 4).

2. Can a number plane include coordinates with decimals and fractions?

Yes, every point on the number plane, including those between the whole number values, can have coordinates.

e.g. (3.5, 4) is halfway between (3, 4) and (4, 4).

3. What is the best method for finding a missing number in a sequence?

Look for a connection between the numbers in the sequence:

Is anything being added to each term to get the next term?
Is a term being multiplied by a number each time to get the next term? 
Are the numbers a certain type? Square, prime, cube etc.

4. Is there a single method for working out the formula for a sequence?


No. Sometimes it is easy to work out a formula and sometimes not. Different techniques have to be used.

5. Should the dots on a coordinate graph be joined up?

Sometimes. For graphs such as sequence graphs the points do not need to be joined up.

Other graphs, such as a distance / time graph can be joined up.