1. Which units would you use to measure the following lengths?

Y7_Length_ex_01.GIF a. The width of a netball court
b. The distance between two islands
c. The length of a car
d. The width of a light bulb

2. a. Draw a square with sides of 4 cm and measure, to the nearest millimetre, with a ruler, the length of the diagonal.

b. Draw a right-angled triangle with the two sides making the right angle being 3 cm and 4 cm and measure the length of the other side. Give the answer in cm, to one decimal place.

c. Draw a rectangle with one side 5 cm and one side 6 cm and measure the length of the diagonal to the nearest millimetre.

3. Match up the following objects with the list of likely lengths:

(i) The width of a laptop computer
a. 195 cm
(ii) The height of a tennis player
b. 2.1 m
(iii) The length of a snowboard
c. 120 mm
(iv) The length of a calculator
d. 30 cm
(v) The thickness of a paperback book
e. 30 m
(vi) The length of a space rocket
f. 12 mm

4. Complete this table:


5. Calculate and leave the answers in metres:

a. 3 km + 4 km
b. 6 km + 349 m
c. 3 m + 932 cm
d. 639 cm + 493 cm + 92 cm
e. 2 km − 550 m
f. 45 cm + 0.5 m − 95 mm

6. Convert each of the following measurements to the units given in brackets

a. 5 mm
b. 4 km
c. 1200 mm
d. 2.3 cm
e. 234 mm
f. 1.4 km
g. 440 m
h. 120 m
i. 324 mm
j. 3.9 km