Unit Test #48

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Which property applies to all prisms?

A. Triangular base
B. Equal sides
C. Uniform cross section
D. Six faces

Answer 1:





A rectangle has a length of 8 cm, a width of 6 cm

What is the length of its diagonal?

A. 100 cm
B. 10 cm
C. 3.7 cm
D. 14 cm

Answer 2:





What is the area of the parallelogram below?

A. 4b square units
B. bsquare units
C. b2 square units
D. 2hb square units

Answer 3:





A right angled triangle has sides of 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm.

What is its area?

A. 15 cm2
B. 12 cm2
C. 20 cm2
D. 24 cm2

Answer 4:





Which units would be most suitable for measuring the area of a football field? A. cm2
B. m2
C. ha
D. km2

Answer 5:





The volume of a cylinder = area of base x height. 
What is the volume of a storage tank in the shape of a cylinder 10 m high with a radius of 10 m?


(Use π = 3.1)

A. 6 200 cm3
B. 3 100 cm3
C. 9 400 cm3
D. 12 400 cm3

Answer 6:





How many cmin 5 m2 A. 500
B. 5000
C. 500 000
D. 50 000

Answer 7:





Which of the following units could be used to measure the volume of a triangular prism? A. tonnes
B. kilometres
C. square metres
D. cubic centimetres

Answer 8:





In a right angled triangle the longest side is called the:

A. sine
B. hypotenuse
C. opposite
D. diagonal

Answer 9:





A rhombus has diagonals of lengths 10 cm and 6 cm.

Its area is:

A. 30 cm2
B. 120 cm2
C. 60 cm2
D. 16 cm2

Answer 10: