Unit Test #20

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What is the perimeter of a square if the sides are 100 m long? A. 200 m
B. 400 m
C. 10 000 m
D. 1 000 m

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What is the total perimeter of the two triangles in this diagram?

A. 32 m
B. 25 m
C. 20 m
D. 30 m

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What name is given to the perimeter of a circle? A. circumcentre
B. diameter
C. radius
D. circumference

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A rectangle has sides of 2 m and 150 cm.

What is its perimeter in metres?

A. 3.5 m
B. 7 m
C. 304 cm
D. 6 m

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What is the perimeter of an isosceles triangle with a height of 6 cm, a base of 4 cm and two equal sides of 6.3 cm? A. 16.6 cm
B. 16 cm
C. 14 cm
D. 14.3 cm

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Which units can be used for the perimeter of a parallelogram? A. cm
B. cm2
C. cm3
D. hectares

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What is the perimeter?

A. 48 cm
B. 60 cm
C. 56 cm
D. 28 cm

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A square of length 5 m is doubled in size.

What is its new perimeter?

A. 20 m
B. 40 m
C. 25 m
D. 50 m

Answer 8:





A rectangle is three times as long as it is wide and one side is 24 cm long. Its perimeter is 64 cm.

How long is the other side?

A. 8 cm
B. 4 cm
C. 16 cm
D. 24 cm

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A square has an area of 81 cm2.

What is its perimeter?

A. 7 cm
B. 36 cm
C. 28 cm
D. 49 cm

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