Unit Test #28

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What name is given to the following type of pattern?

A. tree diagram
B. tessellation
C. cartesian graph
D. box and whisker plot

Answer 1:





Which one of the following regular polygons would not tessellate? A. squares
B. hexagons
C. triangles
D. pentagons

Answer 2:





The tessellation shown below is a regular tessellation. True or false?


B. True

Answer 3:





Which of the following regular polygons do not tessellate?

A. Hexagons
B. Equilateral Triangles
C. Octagons
D. Squares

Answer 4:





Name the two polygons shown in this tessellation

A. octagons and triangles
B. triangles and squares
C. hexagons and parallelograms
D. hexagons and triangles

Answer 5:





The diagram below shows a semi-regular tessellation:

Which shape is not a part of this tessellation?

A. regular octagon
B. regular hexagon
C. equilateral triangle
D. square

Answer 6:





How many equilateral triangles are there in the regular tessellation below?

A. 16
B. 25
C. More than 36
D. 36

Answer 7:





How many regular tessellations are there?

A. 8
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3

Answer 8:





Pentagons cannot form a regular tessellation.

True or false?


A. False
B. True

Answer 9:





Which of the following shapes could make a regular tessellation?

A. Regular pentagon
B. Regular octagon
C. Equilateral triangle
D. Isosceles triangle

Answer 10: