1. Calculate the amount of time (in the units given in brackets) between the following:

a July 25th and September 5th (days) b 0900 and 2300, same day ( hours)
c 5 am and 9 pm, same day (hours) d December 12th and January 6th, the following year (minutes)
e 0215 and 1027, same day (seconds) f 3.45 am and 5.30 pm, following day (minutes)


2. Convert the following times into 24-hour clock time:
a. 5.00 pm b. 9.45 am c. 11.35 am
d. 3.45 pm e. 10.50 am f. 3.09 pm
3. Convert the following 24-hour clock times into am and pm time:
a. 1900 b. 0345 c. 1752
d. 0030 e. 1130 f. 2323

4. Give the following times as 24 hour clock times:

a. Evening b. Morning c. Afternoon
d. Morning e. Afternoon f. Evening


5. Give the following 24 hour clock times as a.m. and p.m. times:



6. An ironman starts at 6.30 am 
The winner completes the swimming section in 55 minutes. 
The cycling leg takes 4 hours and twenty three minutes and the marathon running leg takes 3 hours and 49 minutes. 
The two changeovers between each leg take 9 minutes each. 
How long does the winner take to complete the event and at what time does he finish?

7. Use the following table to answer the questions below (disregard changes due to Daylight Saving):

Perth Western Australia Auckland time minus 4 hours
New Delhi India Auckland time minus 6.5 hours
Rome Italy Auckland time minus 11 hours
London England Auckland time minus 12 hours
New York USA Auckland time minus 17 hours
Los Angeles USA Auckland time minus 20 hours
Hawaii USA Auckland time minus 22 hours

a. If it is 1900 in Auckland, what time is it in London?

b. If it is 0200 in Auckland, what time is it in New Delhi?

c. If it is 5.00 pm in Los Angeles, what time is it in New York?

d. If it is 0700 in Perth, what time is it in Hawaii

8. The folowing timetable is for a school bus.

Bus stop
Start Street
Swanston Road
Bigfoot Crescent
Nepal Drive
Mountain Avenue

a. How long does the whole journey take?

b. How long does the part of the journey from Start Street to Nepal Drive take?

c. How long does the journey from Bigfoot Crescent to Mountain Avenue take?

d. Which is the shortest stage of the journey?

e. What is the average length of a stage?

f. If a bus travels at the same speed but leaves from Start Street 10 minutes after our bus, when will it arrive at the Terminal.




9. a. How many days between midday on 12 January and midday 2 September of a leap year?

b. How many minutes in 3 days and 19 hours?

c. How many minutes between 0339 and 1924 on the same day?

d. How many seconds are there in March?