Unit Test #22

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If the length of each cube is 1 metre, what is the volume of the object below?

(Assume no hidden cubes.)

A.  8 m3
B.16 m3
C. 40 m3
D. 16 litres

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Which of the following units could be used to measure volume?

A.  tonnes
B. kilometres 
C. square metres
D. cubic centimetres

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The volume of a cube shown below is:


A. l2 units3
B. 6lunits3
C. l3 units3
D. 3l3 unit3

Answer 3:






What name is given to a cuboid with equal sides?


A. cube
B. square
C. sphere
D. rectangular prism

Answer 4:





What is the volume of a cube with sides of 6 cm?

A. 36 cm3
B. 216 cm3
C. 648 litres
D. 216 m3

Answer 5:





How many faces has a cuboid?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 3

Answer 6:





What is the volume of this cuboid?

A.108 cm3
B. 60 cm3
C. 256 cm3
D. 240 cm3

Answer 7:




What is the surface area of the cuboid above?

A. 256 cm2
B. 160 cm2
C. 180 cm2
D. 240 cm2

Answer 8:



What is the length of the side of a cube with a volume of 343 m3?

A. 28 m
B. √ 343 m 
C. 171.5 m 
D. 7 m


Answer 9:






A metal tank of cuboid shape has internal measurements 1 m by 0.3 m by 0.5 m.

What is its volume?

A. 15 m3
B. 1.5 m3
C. 0.15 m3
D. 150 m3

Answer 10: