1. What is the SUM of two numbers?

The SUM of two numbers is the result when you add them together.

2. What happens when the second number is BIGGER than the first number in a subtraction?

The answer will be NEGATIVE. e.g. 23 − 25 = -2 (negative 2)

3. What is the difference between the words "NEGATIVE" and "MINUS"?

MINUS is the word for the operation of SUBTRACTION
NEGATIVE is used to show that a number is less than zero and to the left of zero on the number line.

e.g. 3 − 5 = -2 This reads 3 minus 5 equals negative two

Many people use them to mean the same thing i.e. They say -2 (negative 2) is the same as minus 2

4. Why are there so many different words used for the operations.

So many people in every country learn and teach mathematics, there is bound to be lots of different words and methods used. Some of the commonly used words used are shown below.

adding, addition, sum, plus, addend

subtracting, subtraction, difference, take away, minus

multiplying, multiplication, product, times

dividing, division, quotient, divisor, dividend, goes into