1. (a) Using a protractor, construct an angle ABC of 64°.

Use your ruler to make AB =5 cm and BC = 4 cm.

(b) Join A and C to form ABC.

(c) Measure the length of AC to the nearest millimetre.


2. (a) Construct an equilateral triangle with all sides of length 5 cm, using ruler and compasses.

(b) Use your protractor to measure each of the angles.


3. Using a ruler and compasses only, construct a triangle with sides of length 5.6 cm, 4.2 cm and 6.3 cm. Use your protractor to measure the sizes of each angle in the triangle.

4. Using a protractor, ruler and compasses draw a triangle ABC where AB = 6 cm, angle ABC = 46° and the length of BC = 5 cm. Use your ruler to measure the length of side AC.

5. Using a ruler and a protractor draw a triangle ABC where AB = 5.6 cm, angle A = 61° and angle B =67°.

a. Measure the size of angle C.

b.Measure the lengths of sides BC and AC.

6. Use your compasses to draw three circles with the same centre and radii of 3 cm, 4cm and 6 cm. Shade all of the area of the circles that is closer than 3 cm form the centre of the circles.