1. Give the most suitable unit for measuring:

(a)The amount of water in a spa pool.

(b) The distance from Los Angeles to London.

(c) The volume of medicine on a teaspoon.

(d) The diameter of a dollar coin.

(e) The weight of a UFO (unidentified flying object).

2. Using the set of units {centimetres, litres, metres, kilograms} 
choose the most suitable unit to measure:

(a) The length of a netball court.

(b) The capacity of a water tank.

(c) The length of a small text book cover.

(d) The weight of an rugby prop forward.


3. Using the set of units {kilometres, millimetres, metres, centimetres} choose the most suitable unit to measure:

(a) The width of your computer screen 

(b) The thickness of a twenty cent coin.

(c) The height of the Sky Tower in Auckland.

(d) The distance between Perth and Darwin.


4. Complete the table:













5. Convert the following times into 24 -hour clock time:

(a) 1.00 pm

(b) 8.15 am

(c) 11.35 am

(d) 6.50 pm


6. Convert the following 24 -hour clock times into am and pm time:

(a) 1800

(b) 0230

(c) 1545

(d) 0045