Unit Test #23

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Another name for the mirror line in a reflection is: A.Vertex
B. Diagonal
C. Bisector
D. Axis of symmetry

Answer 1:





In the diagram, m is a mirror line for a reflection, what is the value of x?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Answer 2:





In the diagram above what is the value of y?
A. 46
B. 62
C. 72
D. 90

Answer 3:





Which of the three cheerleaders A, B or C shows a reflection in the 
mirror line m? 
A. A
B . B
C. C
D. none of them

Answer 4:





Which of the following properties are invariant i.e. do not change under reflection? A. angle size
B. length
C. area
D. all of the above

Answer 5:





In the diagram below, which shows a reflection in the line m, which is an invariant point? A. A
B. D
C. H
D. E

Answer 6:





In the diagram above, which point is the image of point I?

A. A

B. H
C. E
D. D

Answer 7:





Which of the following letters could have a mirror line drawn on it?


A. Z
B. Q
C. M
D. S

Answer 8:





On which of the following shapes can more than one mirror line be drawn?


A. Parallelogram
B. Rectangle
C. Kite
D. Scalene triangle

Answer 9:





The mirror line that would reflect the red square marked A onto the red square marked B is:

A. m
B. n
C. p
D. q

Answer 10: