Stem and Leaf Graphs and Tree Diagrams Answers

1.stegolfansAU.gif 2. a.stetestans.gif

b. The difference between the highest and the lowest score is 93 - 38 = 55

c. The median is halfway between the 10th and 11th scores. 
The 10th score is 55 and the 11th score is 63. 
Halfway between 55 and 63 is 59.
The median is 59.





b. Highest number of tries was 51.

c. Lowest number of tries was 5.

d. There were 19 teams in the two divisions.

e. The median number of tries scored was 24.

4. a.steweightsans.gif

b. There are 36 players in the squad.

c. The heaviest player was a forward at 120 kg.

d. The median weight for a back was 90 kg.

e. The lightest player in the sqaud was 75 kg.

5. probheadsans.gif

a. 0.125

b. 0.375

c. 0.125

d. 0.5

6. stegolfans.gif