1. Convert the following times into 24 -hour clock time:

(a) 4.00 pm

(b) 8.15 am

(c) 10.35 am

(d) 2.53 pm

(e) 11.59 am


2. Convert the following 24-hour clock times into am and pm time:

(a) 1700

(b) 0235

(c) 1652

(d) 0047

(e) 1100


3. A triathlon starts at 8.30 am 
The winner completes the swimming section in 47 minutes. 
The cycling leg takes 1 hour and thirteen minutes and the running leg takes 39 minutes. 
The two changeovers between each leg take 4 minutes each. 
How long does the winner take to complete the event and at what time does he finish?

4. (a) How many days between midday on 12 April and midday 29 September of the same year?

(b) How many minutes in 5 days and 16 hours?

(c) How many minutes between 0439 and 1421 on the same day

(d) In a leap year how many seconds are there in February?