1. Match up the following objects with the list of likely lengths:

a. 103 kg
b. 15 mg
c. 20 t
d. 1.1 kg
e. 3 kg
f. 150 g


2.The weights of two people are 75.453 kg and 81.234 kg. Express the total weight of the two people in:

a. kilograms
b. grams
c. tonnes


3. Which units would you use to measure the following weights or masses?

a. The mass of an elephant.
b. The weight of a small packet of potato chips.
c. The mass of a child.
d. The mass of a grain of salt

4. Convert each of the following measurements to the units given in brackets

a. 8 kg
b. 150 mg
c. 12 tonnes
d. 230 kg
e. 56 g
f. 4500 g
g. 0.5 t
h. 1203 mg
i. 324.5 mg
j. 39 kg

5. Add together the following weights and give the answer in the units given in brackets.

a. 5 g , 3480 mg (mg)
b. 4 kg , 850 g (g)
c. 2 t , 5620 kg (kg)
d. 4500 kg, 1.2 t (t)
e. 0.4 kg , 5320 mg , 30 g , 0.004 t (g)