1. If we take a normal pack of 52 cards, what is the probability of drawing:


a. A queen?
b. The jack of diamonds?
c. A heart?
d. A five, six or a seven?
e. A red or a black card?

Playing Cards

For those who don't know cards there are 52 cards arranged in 4 suits of 13 cards: hearts and diamonds which are red and clubs and spades which a black.

Each suit has 13 cards from an ace to a ten followed by a jack, queen and a king.




A dart is thrown to the dart board shown. The numbers are from 1 to 8.

What is the probability of throwing:

a. A five?
b. A number less than a 3?
c. An even number?


3. a. Copy and complete in the following frequency table for the results of a survey of car colours for 200 cars:

Car colour

Number of cars

Frequency (f)

Relative frequency


Relative frequency


Relative frequency



b. Based on the table above how many of the next 50 cars would you expect to be white?

4. Jane's birthday is on 30 March. What is the probability that her birthday will be on:

a. A Wednesday?
b. A day beginning with a 't'?

5. In a town, three out of eight children own a bicycle.

If there are 2000 children in the town, how many would you expect to own a bicycle?

6. A bag contains 12 white balls and 6 red balls. A student takes a ball from the bag.

What is the probability that the ball is:
a. White?
b. Red?
c. Green?

7. If two one dollar coins are tossed together:

a. List the sample space of the outcomes, e.g. {(T, T),...}
b. What is the probability of getting:

(i) Two heads?
(ii) At least one tail?

8. A die is rolled 60 times. How many times would you expect to throw:

a. a 5 or a 6?
b. an even number?
c. numbers less than 4?