Unit Test #47

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The graph shows the composition of an export order of fruit.

In a order of fruit of 20 000 tonnes, what weight of apples would there be?

A. 600 tonnes
B. 6000 tonnes
C. 3000 tonnes
D. 15 000 tonnes

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In the graph in question 1, the angle at the centre of the "Kiwifruit" 
sector should be:
A. 160°
B. 72°
C. 108°
D. 144°

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Which fruit is least in demand? A. Apples
B. Pears
C. Kiwifruit
D. Other

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The graph shows the test scores of 200 students. 
What type of graph is it?
A. Pictograph
B. Pie chart
C. Bar graph
D. Line graph

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In the graph in question 4, the fraction of students who 
scored between 25% and 50% is

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In the graph in question 4, how many students scored over 50 marks?
A. 100
B. 70
C. 130
D. 60

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In a pie graph showing a survey of 300 people, 
100 say "Yes" to tax increases. 
What would the angle be at the centre of the 
circle for the "Yes" sector?
A. 100°
B. 120°
C. 150°
D. 180°

Answer 7:





In a pictograph each picture represents 4 items. 
How many items would 3.5 pictures represent?
A. 15 items
B. 14 items
C. 13 items
D. 12 items

Answer 8:





What sort of graph would be best to show the results of a 
survey into the expenditure within a household on food, power, rent, etc. expressed as percentages?
A. Line graph 
B. Bar graph
C. Histogram
D. Pie chart

Answer 9:





Which type of graph is also called a column graph?
A. Bar graph
B. Sector graph
C. Line graph
D. Pie chart

Answer 10: