1. Copy and complete the table for the following objects:

Object name
Triangular prism (tetrahedron)
Number of edges
Number of vertices
Number of faces

2. Draw a net of each of the following objects (there may be several alternatives for each):

a. Cuboid
b. Triangular prism
c. Tetrahedron

3. Draw a top view, a side view and a front view of the following:

a. 6 cubes (careful!)

b. 8 cubes

c.11 cubes

4. The diagram shows a pile of 7 cubes.

(a) Complete the isometric drawing of the cubes.

(b) Draw a view of the cubes from the top.
(c) Draw a view of the cubes from the side.

5. Draw the objects in question 3 on isometric paper.