Find the value of the variables in the following triangles. Round answers to 2 significant figures.










Draw triangles for each of the questions below.

10. A ladder is 10 metres long and is placed up against a building. The bottom of the ladder is 2.5 metres from the bottom of the building. What angle does the ladder make with the ground?

11. A Tower block is 350 metres high. The angle of depression from the top of the tower to a building on the ground is 21¼. How far is the building from the Tower block?


The top of a Kauri tree is viewed from the ground 80 metres away.

The angle of elevation from the ground to the top of the tree is about 30 degrees.

How tall is the tree, to the nearest metre?



13. A kite is flying with 55 metres of string. The string makes an angle of 41° with the ground. How high above the ground iss the kite?

14. Find the three angles of an isosceles triangle with sides of lengths 8 cm, 8 cm and 6 cm.

15. A rugby post casts a shadow 45 metres long. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the post is 38°.
How tall is the post?