land land

You Fool!

Well, at least you know for certain that the world is flat. You have successfully sailed off the end of it. Good one Mince

You Fool!

You have sailed recklessly into the shore and will now sink.

As punishment for your stupidity, the crew have decided to whip you with a cold wet snapper.

You Legend!

You have successfully plundered the loot. You are now destined to live a life of mathematical glory and wealth.

Minions will travel from miles around to marvel at your raw talent and skill at navigation.

The bearing you have entered is not a correct bearing. Please ensure that the bearing has three digits, and is a positive number.

Enter a bearing (3 digit)

Enter a Time (hours)

Current Wind Speed(Km/hr)


Sail Now!

New Sailing



  • *You are a twisted old captain with a lust for treasure.
  • *You move by selecting a bearing a time in hours.
  • *The boat only goes as fast as the wind.
  • *If you hit an island or shallow water you will sink
  • Good Luck Captain Pie!!

Math Help

Maths Help

Bearing is a direction expressed as an angle between 0 and 360 measured clockwise from North and usually written as three digits.

For example:East would be written as 090° equation equation

For example:If the wind speed is 8km/hr and the distance to be covered is 120km

Time = 120 = 15 hours