1.In the following triangles, give the size or letter of:

(a) The adjacent side

(b) The opposite side

(c) The hypotenuse






2. Use a calculator to find the following (give the ratios to 4 sig.fig. and the angles to 1 decimal place):

(a) tan 61o
(b) cos 24.3°
(c) sin 87.6° 
(d) x if sin x = 0.5
(e) y if cos y = 0.3821
(f) z if tan z = 2.34

3. Use the trigonometric ratios to find the values of the sides and angles marked by letters. Round off your answers to 1 decimal place.











4. A man runs 70 m in a straight line up a hill that is inclined at an angle of 23°
How much has he risen by at the end of his run?

5. A rectangular paddock has a diagonal 150 m long. 
The diagonal makes an angle of 30° with the long side. 
Sketch a diagram of the paddock and find the length of the short side.

6. A vertical television mast is 100 m high and is held up by wires attached to the top of the mast and to the flat ground. The wires are 120 m long. 
What angle do they make with the mast?

7. Harry and Betty buy a tent. It has the cross-section shown in the diagram.

The centre pole is 1.8 m high.
How wide is their tent?