1. Is it possible to have a fraction index?

Yes. A fraction index indicates a root or a surd. e.g. 

2. What are the other names for an exponent ?

An exponent is sometimes called a power or index.

3. Is it possible to have a negative index?

Yes. A negative index involves taking the reciprocal of the variable. e.g. x-4 = 1x4

4. What is the value of x0?

The value of xis 1.

The value of any number or variable to the power of 0 is equal to 1

5. When my calculator shows 7.14567 4 what does this mean?

7.14567 04 on a calculator means 7.14567 × 10 4

6. How do I use my calculator to evaluate an index such as 5-2?

Use the button xy. To evaluate 5-2 :

press 5

then xy

then -2

then =

The answer should be 0.04