Unit Test #43

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The graph shows the percentage sales of laptop computers in January.

If 750, 000 laptops were sold in January, how many would be Apple laptops?

A. 67 500
B. 90 000
C. 675 000
D. 9 000
Answer 1:




In the graph in question 1, the angle at the centre of the Compaq sector should be: A. 68.4°
B. 19°
C. 136.8°
D. 38°
Answer 2:




The number of laptops sold by the three top companies was: A. 412 500
B. 157 500
C. 465 000
D. 300 000
Answer 3:




The graph shows the test scores of students. How many students are there?

A. 70
B. 100
C. 200
D. 75
Answer 4:




In the graph in question 4, what fraction of students scored more than 50%? A. 
Answer 5:




In the graph in question 4, how many students scored between 25% and 75%? A. 100
B. 70
C. 130
D. 60
Answer 6:




In a pie graph showing a survey of 300 people, 
100 say "Yes" to tax increases. 
What would the angle be at the centre of the 
circle for the "Yes" sector?
A. 100°
B. 120°
C. 150°
D. 180°
Answer 7:




In a pictograph each picture represents 4 items. 
How many items would 3.5 pictures represent?
A. 15 items
B. 14 items
C. 13 items
D. 12 items
Answer 8:




What sort of graph would be best to show the results of a survey into the expenditure within a household on food, power, rent, etc. expressed as percentages? A. Line graph 
B. Bar graph
C. Histogram
D. Pie chart
Answer 9:




Which type of graph is also called a sector graph? A. Bar graph
B. Column graph
C. Line graph
D. Pie chart
Answer 10: