The BestMaths Foundation wishes to acknowledge the help, cooperation and advice with the development of BestMathsOnline, provided by the following people and organisations.


• The proof-reading team of Geoff Smith, Greg Port, Robin Topham, Malcolm Barker and Trevor Cheeseman all past or present mathematics teachers at King's College plus Lauris Crook of Corran School and Kate Fuller.

Alistair McNaughton for allowing the use of some of the exercises from his book The New World of Calculus published by New House Publishers.

Maths Digest and Family Maths for allowing the use of some of their problems in the Problem of the Week section.

Barnes and Noble Inc. for granting permission to use and adapt some of the problems from the book Mathematical Teasers by Julio A. Mira (1970 Edition).

Inkspot Digital for granting permission to use the cartoon characters and images from their image gallery Cliptoonz.

David Lane from Rice University, USA for permission to use his statistical applets.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for granting permission to use examination questions on the site. The answers were prepared by the author. The NZQA owns the copyright to these papers and questions.

Thomas Zhen, Brian Chiu and Kieran Berger of Atevra Ltd for the regular updating, enhancement and creation of additional material for BestMathsOnline


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September 2015