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60 seconds


A lot can happen in a minute

In 60 seconds:

  • People around the world watch a total of 64,444 hours of Netflix TV.
  • 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • 2.4 million questions are asked of Google.
  • 25 million Coca-Cola products are consumed.
  • 120-180 million red blood cells by each body.
  • 15 couples in the US get divorced and 108 people die and 258 babies are born.
  • 6000 lightening bolts hit the Earth.
  • 4.7 billion bathtubs of rain fall around the world.
  • The Earth travels 1800km around the sun.


Figures courtesy of ASAP Science and the Daily Mail (UK)





Americas Cup


The Americas Cup

The 2013 Americas cup, the 34th, raced boats in San Francisco.

The length of the boats (AC72) was 22 metres and the speed was 45-50 km/h.

They had 11 crew.

The 2017 Americas cup, the 35th, raced boats in Bermuda.

The length of the boats (ACC) was 15 metres and the speed around 45-50 km/h.

The boats had only 6 crew.





Harmony of the Seas


The biggest cruise ship in the World is the Harmony of the Seas.


70 metres high and 362 metres long (40 metres longer than the Eiffel tower is high.)

22 knots cruising speed.

16 passenger decks and 24 lifts.

23 swimming pools and water rides.

$1.5 billion dollars cost to build.

2745 cabins for 6000 passengers.

60,000 eggs, 380 litres of chocolate ice-cream and 1100 kg of salmon consumed on a 7 day cruise.




Alarming Stats


Interesting graph. Caused by humans/fossil fuels/the Sun? What do you think? Does it show a trend? Is it a misleading graph? If so, why?





City of God


Some numbers from Rio de Janerio in Brazil.
Venue of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Population of Rio: 6.4 million
Area of Rio: 1256 square kilometres (km2)
Founded: 1565
No. of days of competition: 17
No. of athletes competing: 10, 500
Medal events: 306
No. of security forces: 85, 000






Interesting Facts about Breathing!

Breath in
78% Nitrogen
21% Oxygen
1% Argon
0.04% Carbon Dioxide

+ Helium, Water etc.

Breath out
78% Nitrogen
15-18% Oxygen
4-5% Carbon Dioxide
1% Argon

Carbon Dioxide comes from oxidation of glucose (formed from the food we eat)

Trees and plants (alive and dead) give off Carbon Dioxide.





The temperature on the dark side of the moon can dip to negative 150 degrees Centigrade.

What is this temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?

The size of a raindrop is around 0.5–2.5 mm and they fall from the sky at an average of 21 feet per second.

What is this speed in metres per second?

A US dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

What is the angle of the arc made at the centre of the coin by each ridge?

Your average moose lives 15 to 25 years.


How many minutes is this?

There are 2 billion mothers in the world – and 4.3 babies born every second.

How many babies are born every year?




Death Zone


Some climbers call heights over 8000 metres, “The Death Zone”. Above this altitude it is difficult to sleep and impossible to eat enough to maintain body weight. No one can survive at this extreme height for more than a few days.

There are only 14 mountains that reach this height, all in Pakistan and Nepal.

They are:

Mountain Height (metres) Height (feet)
Everest 8,848 29,029
K2 8,611 28,521
Kangchenjunga 8,586 28,169
Lhotse 8,516 27,940
Makalu 8,463 27,776
Cho Oyu 8,201 26,906
Dhaulagiri 8,167 26,794
Manaslu 8,163 26,781
Nanga Parbat 8,126 26,660
Annapurna 8,091 26,545
Gasherbrum I 8,068 26,470
Broad Peek 8,047 26,400
Gasherbrum II 8,035 26,360
Shishapangma 8,013 26,289




The Steepest Street in the World


Dunedin, in New Zealand, claims to have the world's steepest paved road. However some people challenge Baldwin Street's slope and say mapping error has given it a gradient of 1 in 2.66, or 38%. However, it is almost impossible to ride a bike up or down it. Many of the stiffest road climbs for cyclists are on the Austrian side of the Dolomites (Halltall rises to 1482m in 7km at an average of 14%, its steepest stretch being 32%).

In France from the top of the legendary 1909m Mont Ventoux, there's around 1500m of descent in 21km averaging 7.5%; Iseran's 2770m peak offers 37km of descent and Alpe d'Huez has 21 hairpins.

San Francisco in the USA has some seriousoly steep streets. Take Lombard Street, a short streetcar ride from Fisherman's Wharf. This tourist photostop appeared for years in the Guinness Book of Records under its 'steepest street' entry, despite not even being the steepest street in San Francisco. At 1 in 5.5, or 18%, it's a mere slope compared to neighbouring Filbert St, San Francisco's actual steepest at 1 in 3.2, or 31.5% (22nd St is also 31.5%).

So it looks like Baldwin Street (pictured) may be the steepest after all.