1. Why are equations so important in mathematics?

Most word problems in mathematics can be written as an equation. Solving these equations will then help to solve the problem.

2. Why do I need to solve an equation using mathematics when I can guess the answer?

It is easy to "guess" the answer to a simple equation such as x + 4 = 6.

However, an equation such as 3x3 + 4x2 − 2x − 1 = 0 is more difficult and requires mathematical methods.

3. Can an equation have more than one answer?

Yes there are equations that have two, three, four or more answers. There are even equations that have an infinite number of solutions.

4. Is it possible for an equation to have no solutions?

Yes, an equation such as x + 3 = x has no solutions. There is no value that x can have which makes the equation "true". Try to find one, if you don't believe it!