1. Write the following fractions in their simplest form:


(a) Y7_Fractions_exercise_01.gif

(b) Y7_Fractions_exercise_02.gif

(c) Y7_Fractions_exercise_03.gif

(d) Y7_Fractions_exercise_04.gif

(e) Y7_Fractions_exercise_05.gif

(f) Y7_Fractions_exercise_06.gif

(g) Y7_Fractions_exercise_07.gif

(h) Y7_Fractions_exercise_08.gif

(i) Y7_Fractions_exercise_09.gif (j) Y7_Fractions_exercise_10.gif (k) Y7_Fractions_exercise_11.gif (l) Y7_Fractions_exercise_12.gif


2. Change these improper fractions into mixed numbers in their simplest form:


(a) Y7_Fractions_exercise_13.gif

(b) Y7_Fractions_exercise_14.gif

(c) Y7_Fractions_exercise_15.gif

(d) Y7_Fractions_exercise_16.gif

(e) Y7_Fractions_exercise_17.gif

(f) Y7_Fractions_exercise_18.gif

(g) Y7_Fractions_exercise_19.gif

(h) Y7_Fractions_exercise_20.gif


3. Change each of these mixed numbers into improper fractions: 


(a) Y7_Fractions_exercise_21.gif

(b) Y7_Fractions_exercise_22.gif

(c) Y7_Fractions_exercise_23.gif

(d) Y7_Fractions_exercise_24.gif

(e) Y7_Fractions_exercise_25.gif

(f) Y7_Fractions_exercise_26.gif

(g) Y7_Fractions_exercise_27.gif

(h) Y7_Fractions_exercise_28.gif

4. Find these fractions of quantities:

(a) Y7_Fractions_exercise_29.gif of 32

(b) Y7_Fractions_exercise_30.gif of 120

(c) Y7_Fractions_exercise_31.gif of 80

(d) Y7_Fractions_exercise_32.gif of 81

(e) Y7_Fractions_exercise_33.gif of 140

(f) Y7_Fractions_exercise_34.gif of 125

(g) Y7_Fractions_exercise_35.gif of 76

(h) Y7_Fractions_exercise_36.gif of 396

a. If three quarters of a crowd of 3600 support a netball team, how many supporters do they have at the game? Y7_Fractions_exercise_37.gif
b. If the population of a town is 52 000 and one fifth of the people live north of the river, how many live north of the river?
c. A very large pizza is cut into 16 pieces and I eat three eighths of them. How many pieces do I eat?
d. A soccer team plays 36 games in a season and wins four ninths of them and draws one third. How many games does the team lose?
e. There are 24 songs on a CD and I like three quarters of them, how many do I not like?