Unit Test #33

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What shape is the top view of a cube? A. cube
B. square
C. triangle
D. rectangle

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Which of the following is a two-dimensional shape? A. cuboid
B. sphere
C. pyramid
D. rhombus

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Which of the following would have a top view represented
by a rectangle?
A. cone
B. cylinder
C. sphere
D. cube

Answer 3:





Which is the odd one out? A. rhomus
B. rectangle
C. cuboid
D. parallelogram

Answer 4:





Which solid is the following diagram a net of?
A. cuboid
B. cube
C. cylinder
D. pyramid

Answer 5:





Which solid is the following diagram a net of?


A. cone
B. cylinder
C. pyramid
D. cuboid

Answer 6:





How many edges would the solid represented by the net in 
question 6 have?
A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12

Answer 7:





What pattern are the dots in isometric graph paper? A. squares
B. rectangle
C. triangle
D. none of the above

Answer 8:





How many cubes in this solid? A. 9
B. 10
C. Both the above are possible.

Answer 9:





Assuming there are 10 cubes, what size rectangle would the top view of the solid shown above be? A. 3 by 2
B. 3 by 3
C. 2 by 2
D. 2 by 1

Answer 10: