1. What is a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism is another name for a cuboid. Its cross-section is a rectangle.

e.g. A shoe box is often in the shape of a rectangualr prism.

2. How is the volume of a cuboid calculated?

Multipy the length of the cuboid by the width of the cuboid by the height of the cuboid.

3. What is the relationship between a cubic metre and a cubic centimetre?

There are 100 × 100 × 100 cubic centimetres in a cubic metre. That is ONE MILLION.

4. What is a litre?

A litre is a unit of CAPACITY which is a measure of the amount of a liquid or fluid.

Capacity is the amount of liquid or gas a container can hold. e.g. The capacity of a petrol tank could be 50 litres.

A litre is the equivalent volume of a cube of side length 10 cm. i.e. 1 litre = 10 × 10 × 10 cm3 = 1000 cm3