All of the cones in this exercise are right, circular cones. Use π = 3.1 and give answers to 3 significant figures.

1. Find the volume and surface area of the following solid cone.

2. A cone has a base with diameter 24.2 mm and a height of 34 mm. 
What is its volume?

3. A solid cone has a slant height of 5 cm, a radius of 3 cm and a height of 4 cm.
What is the volume and the surface area of the cone?

4. a. Find the volume of the cone:

b. Use Pythagoras' theorem to find the length of the slant height.
c. Find the surface area of the solid cone.



For the following solid cone, find:

a. The value of r.

b. The volume of the cone.

c. The surface area of the cone.



6. An imaginary volcano is shaped like a perfect cone!

If its height is 1500 m and its volume is 21 km3, what is its diameter, in metres?